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I have a couple questions about Using Adobe Professional CD5.  My first question is how to make it so it shows like a cutscene before the game starts. Also how to make it move using the arrow keys, and my final question is how to make it so like my character is holding a gun or something.

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This thread has been moved here from the "Scripts" forum. Pay attention to what each forum is for, people.

1. The cutscene thing is really easy: you just make your custom animation, and then you make the game menu...my suggestion is to use a different scene for the cutscene and another one for the actual game.
2. To make your character move with the arrow keys, you simply make your character into an mc (movieclip) and then add some script to it, using onEnterFrame functions etc. (If you don't know how to code, I'll upload a platformer tutorial as soon as I find the time, because right now I don't have any :mad:)

3. As for the gun thing...yeah, you could almost easily make that if the gun is still (I don't know how to code that though :P). If the gun is moving, though, it will need a lot more coding, such as making the gun turn 180 degrees etc.

Hope these helped :)


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